Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

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Carmen Lobitz
Artificial Intelligence in Radiology
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How can Artificial Intelligence Support Radiologists? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is based on computer algorithms and is currently used in various aspects of our everyday lives; in business, science, and for internet technologies. Its application in medicine is sometimes controversial, but it can assist physicians with diagnoses, examinations and treatments.

Basically, AI is a set of learning algorithms that are fed with a large data set (e. g. CT images), which are categorized by human input (e. g. by diagnosis). After several learning rounds the AI is then able to identify a given disease or condition (e. g. a fracture) with a high reliability (usually above 99.9 %). The precision can even be increased if additional data (e. g. symptoms) are added to the program. The medical expert may then confirm or correct the proposed diagnosis of the system. AI is a powerful tool that is about to change many facets of our modern lives.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help by reducing the workload of radiological staff in various fields in different ways. For instance, it can choose the optimal time for an appointment…

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