Colonoscopy and Enteroscopy

What are colonoscopy and enteroscopy?
Carmen Lobitz
Colonoscopy and Enteroscopy
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Colonoscopy means the examination of the colon with a colonoscope. Additionally, tissue samples can be extracted through specific channels. The examination of the small intestine is called enteroscopy, and it is far more complicated than a colonoscopy.

It is recommended that a preventive colonoscopy is performed every 10 years for patients aged 55 and over. If there is a history of bowel cancer in the family, colonoscopies are advised from the age of 40. To be more specific, it is recommended to start examining the patient 10 years earlier than the condition occurred in the relative. Other risk factors are diseases (such as colitis ulcerosa) that increases the risk of bowel cancer.

Colonoscopies are conducted by gastroenterologists. Gastroenterology is a discipline of internal medicine. The gastroenterologist is additionally trained to do colonoscopies, and is required to conduct a certain number of colonoscopies each year. The colonoscopy is either performed in a doctor‘s office or at hospital; a longer stay is only rarely necessary.

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