Common Parasites in Cats

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Carmen Lobitz
Common Parasites in Cats

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Parasites are both fascinating and terrifying organisms. They infest their host, which are often larger than the parasite. Parasitism is a form of interspecific interaction. The parasite temporarily or permanently feeds on its host, uses it as a habitat or reproduces on its host.

While they are on (ectoparasite) or in their host (endoparasite) they can deteriorate organ functions, destroy cells or withdraw nutrition. The better they are adapted to their host, the lower the risk of the host dieing. There are micro- and macroparasites. Examples of microparasites are fungi and protists; examples of macroparasites are nematodes, insects, or arachnids. In this article, I will focus on cats as hosts for parasites.

Which parasites infest cats?

Fleas: Fleas are 2 to 3 millimetre insects (order: siphonaptera) that feed on the blood of other animals. About 20 % of cats are hosts to these parasites, the most prominent being Ctenocephalides felis (the cat flea). They can leap onto humans and cause itching and diseases. The easiest method of detection is combing through the…

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