Heart CT Scan

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Heart CT Scan
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Recent developments in CT technology have progressed to the point where diagnostic images of the coronary arteries are possible (even without a cardiac catheterization).

Several technical hurdles were overcome, considering that the cardiac vessels measure only 1–4 mm in diameter, are being constantly moved by the heartbeat, and are also located in the middle of the chest surrounded by connective tissue, by air in the lungs, and covered by the ribs. These anatomical peculiarities explain why the cardiac vessels had been so difficult to visualize (compared to all other organs).

What is a heart CT scan?

A heart CT (also called coronary CT angiogram , i. e. a visualization of the arteries that bring blood to your heart) uses X-rays to create cross-sectional der Querschnitt  cross-sectionalimages through the heart and blood vessels after injection of a contrast agent.

They allow a detailed examination of the pulsating heart and the fast-moving coronary…

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