Medical Crossword 2020

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Carmen Lobitz
Medical Crossword 2020

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Welcome to our English MTA Dialog medical crossword in December 2020! After reading MTA Dialog this year, you may now test your knowledge. The terms in the crossword are all words you might know from the topic covered this year.


2    A German physicist, born 1845 in Lennep, who discovered x ray radiation by coincidence in 1895.

4    General examination about someone’s (or something’s) condition.

5    The detection of harmless abnormalities in the body during a medical examination, which would not have caused any distress if if they weren‘t detected. In other words, this diagnosis is unnecessary and may even be deleterious.

6    A large group of genetically related viruses. They were first discovered in the mid 1960s. The viruses can infect humans as well as various birds and mammals.

7    It is found in the upper respiratory tract and on the skin. It does not require oxygen to grow. Even though, some subspecies are part of the human microbiota, some can cause panaritium and food-borne diseases. They…

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