Medical Crossword 2022

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Carmen Lobitz
Medical Crossword 2022

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Welcome to our English MTA Dialog medical crossword in December 2022! After reading MTA Dialog this year, you may now test your knowledge. The terms in the crossword are all words that you might know from the issues published this year.

Words can be found*:

horizontal, from left – right & from right – left;

diagonal from left – right & from right – left;

skewed from left – right & from right – left;

  • Zoonosis which is caused by various types of influenza viruses. Usually this flu only affects birds, and is harmless for humans.

  • A sudden event of something unwelcome, this can be also a disease or even a war.

  • A medical way to protect humans against harmful diseases. You should get this before coming into contact with the viruses.

  • A crucial element of the cell membrane. It is involved in hormone production and found in bile fluid, the blood and in tissues. Some people have an increased value.

  • A gynecological disease with benign tissue growths also outside the uterine cavity into adjacent organs and…

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