Radiological diagnosis of head injuries with a CT-Scan

Carmen Lobitz
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What is a head CT? Computer tomography (CT) is an advanced imaging technique for examining body structures using X-rays. Head CT scans examine the brain and surrounding cranial structures. This imaging method makes use of the fact that body tissues attenuate the X-rays. Dense tissue such as bone appears bright on the images, less dense tissue darker.

Why conduct a head CT?

Head CT scans are important for detecting brain diseases and diagnosing tumours. The images can help a doctor prepare for surgery. Usually, a head CT is used to provide an initial diagnosis. Another reason can be a check-up on how well a received treatment is working. Reasons that call for a head CT include: strokes, head injuries following accidents, skull fractures, brain tumours, cerebral haemorrhages, cerebral infarcts, vascular malformations, aneurysms or swelling of the brain.

The course of the examination

Prior to the CT, the doctor informs the patient comprehensively about the procedure as well as any possible risks or side effects. Additionally, the physicians make sure that the patient does not have any medical conditions that could interfere with the…

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