Reactions and Precautions

Contrast Media (2)
Carmen Lobitz
Contrast Media (2)
The use of gadolinium-based contrast material is avoided during pregnancy or breast feeding due to unknown risks to the baby. © drubig-photo/Fotolia

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Side effects and body reactions of contrast media are rare and usually very mild. Nevertheless, some irritations may occur.

What will the patient experience during contrast media application?

Barium sulfate contrast media

If possible, exams with barium sulfate contrast media are performed on sober patients. Therefore, the patient will be asked not to eat for several hours before the exam begins. If the contrast media will be applied rectally, patients may be requested to have a special diet and medication prior to the exam.

Since this contrast medium will be expelled from the body with feces, white feces for a few days are expected. Some patients experience changes in their normal bowel movement during the first 12–24 hours after swallowing the medium.

Iodine-based contrast media

After intravenous injections of iodine-based media some patients have a warm, flushed sensation and a metallic taste in their…

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