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The Kidney (2)

Diseases and Conditions
Carmen Lobitz
The Kidney (2)
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As described in the last issue, the kidneys are essential and hardworking organs. Many diseases can occur if their activity is restricted. In this issue I am going to discuss the most important diseases that may result and the causes of those diseases.

What causes Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

UTIs are (in many cases) very painful an can be dangerous for the renal pelvis. They are commonly caused when bacteria from the anal orifice enter the urethra. Women are more frequently affected than men, because of their shorter urethra. Because of the shorter urethra, bacteria are more likely to reach the bladder and may cause serious infections.

Main causes of UTIs:

  • having a weakened immune system (type 2 diabetes, chemotherapy or HIV)
  • kidney stones (they block the urinary tract)
  • dehydration (bacteria are not flushed out quickly enough)
  • enlarged prostate gland (difficult to empty the bladder)
  • constipation (enlarged bowel blocks urinary tract)
  • pregnancy (foetus squeezes the bladder)
  • urinary catheters (catheter pushes the microorganisms up to the…

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