The most important blood tests (I)

Blood Analysis
Carmen Lobitz
The most important blood tests (I)
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The most versatile method of determining the specific needs and deficiencies of a patient’s body is a thorough blood analysis, which ideally comprises a number of blood tests.

There are very many blood tests (e. g. blood counts, lipids, iron, etc.) so a considered selection is important. These diagnostic tools reveal changes that may indicate diseases long before the patient experiences symptoms. Routine blood testing performed together with annual physical examinations yields valuable information about the state of health. Let us briefly review the most important blood parameters without going too much into details.

1. Why is the Complete Blood Count (CBC) so important?

For detecting a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infections or leukemia, a CBC is the blood test of choice. It measures several cellular blood components.

Erythrocytes (Red Blood Cells) transport oxygen from the lungs to the organs and carbon dioxide from the organs to the lungs.…

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