You Better Take Care of Your Gut Bacteria

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Carmen Lobitz
You Better Take Care of Your Gut Bacteria
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Less than ten years ago, most people were unaware of the critical role the microbiome plays within the body. Only alternative practitioners, healers or patients with unclear disorders were interested in the composition of their feces. Today, many scientists investigate the role of the gut microbiome on immunity, inflammatory gut diseases and human well being.

What is a microbiomedas Mikrobiom, and how do we get it?

At the moment a human being is born, the microbiome begins to develop. The very first contact with microorganisms a newborn gets, is the one from mother‘s vaginal fluid (respectively vaginal bacteria). If children are born through C-sectionthey predominantly get first contact from the mother‘s skin germs and the midwife‘s skin germs. In some hospitals newborns are purposefully rubbedetw. einreiben with the mother’s vaginal bacteria.

At the time the child reaches adolescence, it will have more than 100 trillion microorganisms living in or on its body. Which kinds of microbes you will get during your life depends on where und how you were born, your gender and age, your genes, your diet and your own personal hygiene, and even your…

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