A needle in a haystack …

… or applied consumer protection in the Food Microbiology Laboratory at the Chemical and Veterinary Investigations Office in Stuttgart, Germany
Helene Oberreuter
A needle in a haystack …
Enrichments flasks, test tubes and stacks of culture media for general sample processing © CVUA Stuttgart

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A call comes in to the CVUA in Stuttgart from a veterinary office: an old gentleman is lying in the local hospital with severe diarrhoea. Asked about his eating habits, he stated that a few days previously, as usual, he had collected unpasteurised milk directly from the milk vending machine and had drunk it immediately. He had often taken milk from there and had never had any problems.


In Baden-Württemberg, food-borne illness cases are investigated at the food microbiology lab of the Chemical and Veterinary Investigations Office (CVUA) in Stuttgart, Germany. Besides a current case report, an introduction to the lab is presented with respect to structural organisation and analytical methods.

Keywords: food microbiology, case report, food samples, analytics

Translated article from MTA Dialog 5/2020 (translated by mt g medical translation GmbH & Co KG)

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