Five Words about the usage of a Dosimeter

Dosimetry in medicine
Carmen Lobitz
Five Words about the usage of a Dosimeter
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In various professions where people are exposed to radiation it is very important to know how that radiation will affect them. In this article I am going to write about dosimetry in medicine, especially for radiographers or radiologic technologists and radiology technicians.

What exactly does a dosimeter measure?

A radiation dosimeter (also called “badge”) measures the effective dose of external ionizing radiation. It does not protect against radiation. Rather, it is a device which has to be worn by those personal whose potential radiation exposure is monitored while working with x-ray or other radiography devices. It shows the radiation dosage they are exposed to. The badge will detect highenergy beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. Dosimeters cannot detect low energy beta radiation from some isotopes, including carbon-14, tritium or sulfur-35.

Who needs to wear a dosimeter?

Employees in x-ray diagnosis or radiotherapy, who operate x-ray machines, fluoroscopy units, certain unsealed and sealed radioisotopes or who are exposed to other sources of gamma or high…

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