What should we know about Pneumonia?

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How are the lungs structured? The right and left lungs are located in the thorax and they are surrounded by ribs that protect them from the outside. The left lung is somewhat smaller than the right lung because the heart requires sufficient space in the thorax. The outside of the lung is lined with a thin skin called the pleura. The inside of the chest is covered by the pleura. A watery fluid film is in the pleura space.

Starting from the trachea, the main branch goes out: right and left main stems (the main bronchi) supply the right and left lung lobes, respectively. Each lung is then divided into several pulmonary lobes. These are provided by increasingly fine-branched bronchi and bronchioles, which carry the air we breathe deep into the lungs to the alveoli (air sacs). Gas exchange takes place in these air-filled vesicles. The lungs make sure that oxygen is transferred from the air we breathe into the blood and that carbon dioxide is removed from the blood into the air we breathe out. The human lung has about 300 to 400 million alveoli.

Within the air we breathe, dust, carbon black or microorganisms can get into the bronchial tubes or lungs. Healthy bronchi are therefore lined with a mucous membrane…

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