How to screen blood for transfusions

Serologic Tests (1): Blood Donation
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Med Techs need to know the latest methods about blood screening for transfusions, since patients are often concerned about blood safety.

Concerning transfusion, blood banks need to ensure firstly that donor blood is as safe as possible before administering verabreichen  it to a patient and secondly that it is safe for the person to donate blood. Therefore potential donors have to consider several precautions:

  • The donor should weigh at least 110 lb (50 kg);
  • have a hemoglobin (Hgb) level of 13.5 g (men) and 12.5 g (women);
  • the body temperature should not be higher than 98.6˚F (37°C);
  • the blood pressure should measure between 160/90 and 100/50 mm Hg.

The physician may modify these guidelines depending on individual situations. In general, the donor has to be in very good health with no infections (also respiratory infections) or allergies.

When does it come to deferral?

  • If donors ever had hepatitis, jaundice, a…

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