Nipah Virus

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Nipah Virus
Using immunohistochemical technique, this photomicrograph of a human tissue specimen revealed some of the cytoarchitectural histopathologic changes associated with a Nipah virus infection. © CDC/Brian W.J. Mahy, BSc, MA, PhD, ScD, DSc

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What is known about the Nipah virus disease? The Nipah virus (NiV) causes a severe infectious disease in humans and was first isolated and identified in Malaysia and Singapore in September 1998 among pig farmers and people with close pig contacts.

In pigs it causes a relatively mild disease, but nearly 300 human cases were reported with over 100 deaths. The outbreak among humans occurred also between 1998 and 1999 and appeared to be encephalitis and a respiratory illness. The outbreak was contained in Malaysia and Singapore and no further cases have been reported since then in this region. However, in 2001 an outbreak occurred in Bangladesh and Siliguri, India. In India nosocomial transmissions were in hospital settings reported. Since 2001 several outbreaks of NiV have been reported in Bangladesh and India.

And the virus itself?

The name Nipah Virus comes from Sungai Nipah, a village in the Malaysian Peninsula. In this village, the pig farmers became ill with encephalitis. The local fruit bats (genus Pteropus) were identified as…

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