The most important blood tests (II)

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The most important blood tests (II)
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Second part of the article on the most important blood tests. Published so far: The most important blood tests (I), in: MTA Dialog 2021; 22 (3)

CRP: Why is C-reactive protein measured?

C-reactive protein (CRP) is synthesized and released in the liver in response to inflammation or tumours. CRP belongs to the „acute phase proteins“ and is a non-specific, inflammation parameter. It is measured when an inflammation is suspected. In the case of inflammation it increases; this can be caused by a bacterial infection, but not by a viral infection. CRP levels are also elevated during chronic inflammations.

What does a low/high CRP value mean?

  • Low CRP values have no clinical significance.
  • High CRP values can indicate an acute bacterial infection, e.g. pneumonia, meningitis, chronic inflammations (such as, Crohn‘s disease or rheumatic diseases). But the value can also be elevated after surgeries, in the case of a heart attack or certain…

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